Monitor Audio SF 3 - Black - Angled
Monitor Audio SF 3 - Black - Angled
Monitor Audio SF 3 - Black - Thin Lizzie
Monitor Audio SF 3 - Black - Front
Monitor Audio SF 3 - White - Front
Monitor Audio SF 3 - White - Rose
Monitor Audio SF 3 Lifestyle - 1
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Monitor Audio SoundFrame 3 On-Wall/In-Wall Speaker

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Monitor Audio SoundFrame 3 On-Wall/In-Wall Speaker




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Monitor Audio SoundFrame series consists of three sizes of speakers that complement any room. SoundFrame 3 On-Wall is the most compact speaker of the three and it can be used on its own, as a rear to complement the SoundFrame 1 On-Wall and SoundFrame 2 On-Wall, or with a sub-woofer.

Individual images for the grille cloths can be selected from our library or bespoke speakers can be created using your own high resolution photographs. The cabinet frames are available in high gloss white and high gloss black lacquer.

SoundFrames can be fitted either in-wall or on-wall and with or without a frame using the Frameless grilles option.

The SoundFrame 3 On-Wall has a 2-way configuration with a pivoting 1-inch tweeter module and a 4-inch C-CAM driver.

Having picked the perfect mix of SoundFrame speakers for your music or home theatre system, and decided whether Black or White frames or Frameless works best for you, your final step is choose the grilles. These could be the standard black or white grilles which come with your product, or you can pick something from our grille library. Blend with your décor, or provide an artful contrast – our range of designs will help you find the look you’re after.

All the grilles in our library can be supplied as our Frameless option, this means that the frame of your Soundframe is removed and replaced with a larger grille.

Ordering from the Grille Gallery:
Simply jot down the reference number for your chosen grille(s) and call or email us. Though some grilles are shown in pairs, they’re individually numbered, so you can order the combination of images or colours that’s right for you. State if you require Framed or Frameless when ordering.

Commissioning a Bespoke Grille:
If you have your own idea for a SoundFrame grille; a family photo, specific paint swatch, even a work of art, (provided you have the rights to use it) supply us with your print-ready image, which will then be printed onto your SoundFrame Grilles.


  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Slender 87 mm (3.5") cabinet depth.
  • Choice of high gloss white or black lacquer frames.
  • SoundFrame 3: 2-way configuration: a pivoting 1 inch tweeter module with a 4-inch C-CAM driver.
  • High frequency attenuation +- 3 dB.
  • Ultra-discreet on-wall/in-wall AV/audio system, suitable for any interior.

Monitor Audio SoundFrame Warranty:
Monitor Audio SoundFrame 3 come with a Limited Lifetime warranty.

We are authorised Monitor Audio retailers. Brand new and complete with the full warranty.


Monitor Audio SoundFrame 3 On-Wall/In-Wall Speaker Product review

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Monitor Audio SoundFrame 3 On-Wall/In-Wall Speaker

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Monitor Audio SoundFrame 3 On-Wall/In-Wall Speaker