Fire Speaker Hoods

Hoody™ is a range of fire and acoustic speaker hoods that allows all audio visual installations to comply with the latest IEE and building regulations regarding the fire and acoustic integrity of ceilings. The regulations state that the presence of any ceiling speaker aperture will undermine the structural integrity of the ceiling and its ability to withstand fire and insulate sound. 

  The Range:

 (180 x 145mm) Fire and Acoustic Speaker Hood
 (265 x 160mm) Fire and Acoustic Speaker Hood
 (335 x 180mm) Fire and Acoustic Speaker Hood
 (250mm x 350mm x 160mm) Fire and Acoustic Speaker Hood
 (350mm x 450mm x 180mm) Fire and Acoustic Speaker Hood

Hoody™ Speaker Hoods meet all relevant UK building and IEE Regulations. Custom designed for in-ceiling speakers, Hoody is Parts B,L,C and E compliant and offers fire protection for up to 66 minutes for all speaker designs from 3" to 10". Due to its acoustic construction Hoody will also prevent significant backwards sound leakage from the speakers to the rooms above, so the fitting of in-ceiling speakers below a child’s bedroom for instance is no longer an issue.  

It is a requirement for all in-ceiling speakers that are installed below any habitable rooms and escape routes to be treated. A standard two storey house for example will require all the ground floor speaker locations to have hoods fitted. If a house has three floors the regulations require hoods to be fitted on the ground and first floor speakers.