MA Radius R90HT12 Walnut
MA Radius R90HT12 Walnut
MA Radius R90HT12 White

Monitor Audio Radius R90HT12 5.1 Speaker System

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Monitor Audio Radius R90HT12 5.1 Speaker System

Walnut (MA)
Satin White (MA)


Radius 90
Satellite speaker with 4" C-CAM bass driver and 1" C-CAM Gold Dome tweeter.

Radius 200
Centre-channel speaker with twin 4" C-CAM bass drivers and 1" C-CAM gold dome tweeter.

Silver W12
Active subwoofer with 12" C-CAM long throw driver and 10" ABR, with 500 W Class-D amplifier with Switch mode power supply (SMPSU)


Radius 90 Satellites

Cabinet Dimensions (Including Grille and Terminals (H x W x D))
198 x 125 x 164 mm (713/16 x 415/16 x 67/16")

Radius 200 Centre

Cabinet Dimensions (Including Grille and Terminals (H x W x D))
125 x 330 x 164 mm (415/16 x 13 x 67/16")

Silver W12 Subwoofer 

Dimensions (Including Grille, Amp & Feet)
370 x 340 x 410 mm (149/16" x 133/8" x 161/8”)


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Monitor Audio Radius R90HT12 5.1 Speaker system will add explosive audio dynamics and glamour to your home theatre, punctuating the action on screen with pin-point imaging and enveloping surround effects.

It combines all the virtues of Monitor Audio design in a beautifully space-efficient system, precision engineered in a choice of gloss black or white and walnut finishes, and with stand and wall-mount options to accommodate a range of installation possibilities. From four R90 satellites and R200 centre channel speaker, you’ll experience the life-like accuracy of multiple, matched C-CAM driver systems, generously underpinned by the prodigious bass output of the Silver W12 subwoofer.

The W12 features a 500 watt DSP controlled amplifier and a front-firing 12" C-CAM driver in a sealed box design for easy installation and EQ. Advanced switch-mode power conversion techniques and superior processing increase the amplifier’s dynamic control and deliver far greater head-room. A sealed box construction ensures that this potent unity of power and control delivers tight, fast and tuneful bass all the way down to a thunderous 22 Hz in a typical room set up. Room EQ is further optimised by Monitor Audio’s proprietary and innovative APC (Automatic Position Correction) system, which uses a microphone and test tones to identify detrimental room modes and automatically correct frequency response for the room and position.


  • 4" C-CAM bass drivers
  • C-CAM Gold Dome tweeters
  • HiVe II port design
  • Single through-bolt driver fixings
  • Radius 90: Single point ¼”x20TPI wall fixing. Use the optional Monitor Audio speaker mount or any standard wall bracket
  • Radius 90: Optional floor-stand with internal (pre-wired) cable management system
  • Radius 200: Dual C-CAM bass drivers with C-CAM tweeter in MTM style configuration
  • Silver W12: 500 W Class D amplifier with switch mode power supply (SMPSU)
  • Silver W12: Ultra long throw 12” driver featuring concave ‘dished’ C-CAM cone
  • Silver W12: Monitor Audio developed Automatic Position Correction (APC) optimises response for room acoustics
  • Silver W12: 12 volt trigger provides switching control from AV amp or processor
  • Silver W12: 3 x Pre-set EQ settings – Music/Movie/Impact

Monitor Audio Radius R90HT12 5.1 Speaker System Warranty: 
Monitor Audio Radius Speakers carry a 5 Year Warranty

We are authorised Monitor Audio retailers. Brand new and complete with the full warranty.

Monitor Audio Radius R90HT12 5.1 Speaker System Product review

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Monitor Audio Radius R90HT12 5.1 Speaker System

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Monitor Audio Radius R90HT12 5.1 Speaker System